Smart Snacks on New Year’s Eve

A Few Pick or Pass guidelines:

It is inevitable that you will be facing a table with snacks whether you go out, or over to a friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Navigating an array of tantalizing treats is less overwhelming if you are choosing wisely.

Chicken Wings or Pigs in a Blanket?

Choose the wings. Dogs have more saturated fat and the “blanket” increases insulin resistance.
Chicken Wings






Olives or Candied Nuts?

Choose the olives. Both contain healthy fats, but 6 large olives will only set you back 30 calories; 1 ounce of candied nuts has about 170.











Champagne Punch or Mulled Wine?

Choose the wine. The punch often has fruit juices, ginger ale or other sugary additives that add calories.

Milled Wine









Mozzarella Sticks or Brie and Crackers?

Skip the sticks. More fat, more calories and twice the sodium than brie, especially if on a whole grain cracker.

Brie and Crackers








Spinach Dip or Layered Mexican Dip?

Head south of the border. The only healthy ingredient in most spinach dips is the spinach. Mexican dip has nutritious ingredients like  avocados, beans, and salsa.

Layered taco dip